Founded in September 2000 by Francois Monette and thirty passionate singers, the Vocal Ensemble EXTRAVAGANZA soon attracted attention for its dynamic spirit, its diversity and its sense of fun. Today, more than 60 singers live their passion through music, under the musical direction of Bruno Dufresne, who is now at the helm of Extravaganza

As a vocal ensemble, the four sections, soprano, alto, tenor and bass, of all ages and backgrounds and different sexual orientations share the same dedication. They meet every week (and during intensive sessions) to perfect their vocal techniques, learn new songs and prepare for performances.

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Bruno Dufresne

Bruno Dufresne succeeds Norman Robert and Francois Monette as Musical Director of Ensemble Vocal Extravaganza for its 15th season. Born in Joliette, Bruno Dufresne spent the majority of his musical study at the Conservatoire de musique de Trois-Rivières. He later continued at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières where he studied Music Education, Vocal Performance – Classical and Computer Science. In addition, he studied conducting with Gilles Auger at the Conservatoire de musique de Québec and for many years was the conductor of the Youth Orchestra of Francheville and l’Orchestre à cordes du pré-conservatoire de musique in Trois-Rivières.

Pursuing a dual career as a teacher and player of the French horn, he was a member of the Orchestre Symphonique de Trois-Rivières as well as freelancing in various regional orchestras (Orchestre de la Montérégie, Orchestre de Laval, etc.).

It's when he became director of the Chœur de filles de la Maîtrise de Cap-de-la-Madeleine, that he developed his passion for choral singing.

He also directed the Ensemble vocal Joseph-François Perrault which in a short time has become one of the best youth choruses in Canada. With this chorus, he has received several awards, including second place in the prestigious Concours des chœurs d’amateurs de Radio-Canada in 2000 and 2002.

Since 2002, Bruno Dufresne has directed Les Voix De La Montagne choir.

In addition to devoting himself to choral conducting, Mr. Dufresne has composed or arranged several works. His main compositions are: l’Enfant, l’oiseau et l’arbre, A Wedding Triptych (Ave Maria, Magnificat and Regina Coeli), le Vaisseau d’or and most recently, the Stabat Mater Speciosa.

The board of directors

In addition to the invaluable work of our volunteers, the involvement of the board is unquestionably essential to the functioning of all our activities throughout the year. This small team are passionate about Extravaganza. The 7 elected members, our directors are in position for a period of 2 years.



Our choir singers

Extravaganza is a Vocal Ensemble of four voices: soprano, alto, tenor and bass and consists mainly of people from the LGBT communities, but the choir is also open to everyone without discrimination. Extravaganza owes it's personality to the diversity of its members and gives the choir its strength, its dynamism and its energy.


Extravaganza over the years

Extravaganza is proud to have organized or participated in many events and is very much engaged in it's community and beyond. Extravaganza's mission is to share with a wider audience choral excellence and pleasure to excel through original quality performances, while also conveying the principles of acceptance and diversity.

Over the years, Extravaganza has:
  • 5 shows at the Théâtre National - 2 shows at La Maison Théâtre
  • 1 show at the theatre Marie Gérin-Lajoie
  • 1 show at the Espace dell'Arte
  • 1 show in the church of the Gesù
  • 3 Christmas concerts
  • 5 DVD and 10 CDs
Taken part in :
  • the annual Centraide performance at the Casino de Montreal, 3 times
  • the Métrostar gala in 2004
  • recording the backing vocals for the group Icewind.
  • the recording of a DVD for Annie Villeneuve
  • the OSM's 75th anniversary show at the Centre Bell, in spring 2009
Participated in many events and festivals, such as:
  • GALA Choruses in Montreal in 2004 and in Denver in 2016,
  • Various Voices, Paris 2005,
  • Mondial Choral de Laval in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009
  • The first Outgames Rendez-vous Montréal 2006
  • Unison Festival in Winnipeg in May 2010
Organised a francophone concert with 2 French choirs and 2 Quebec choirs in July 2004
Was present :
  • at the festival des Arts du village
  • at the festival Juste pour rire 2004 and 2005
  • at the international gay danc and country music festival (2003)
  • as well as many other events taking place in the festivities around Divers-Cité every year
also helped the LGBT community and various other causes linked to health and wellbeing, via benefit concerts for:
  • the Farha fondation,
  • the Maison L'Envol
  • the celebration of the first civil gay marriage in Montreal
  • the Canadian Cancer Society
  • the Fondation du Dr. Julien

In January 2002, EXTRAVAGANZA became the first cultural organization to join Team Montreal, which includes several LGBT sports teams.

Following the request of Moisson Montreal to brighten the Christmas baskets assembly in 2003, we formed a small choir born of our "big" choir, to sing Christmas carols together and this became, under the direction of Jacques Lachapelle, Le P'tit Extra.

In addition to singing for Moisson Montreal, Le P'tit Extra braved the cold and snow to give concerts on rue Mont Royal.

Le P'tit Extra sang again in 2004 with a private concert at the chalet de la plage Doré and a Christmas concert at the Sacré-cœur-de-Jésus church in collaboration with Extravaganza. Thereafter, Extravaganza gave corporate concerts in different locations including at "Medley".

In 2005, the ensemble was asked to interpret the "jingle" advertising Molson Rickard's Red beer and singing Christmas carols while walking in the town centre, in the Metro, on Place Jacques-Cartier and in the bars and restaurants of Old Montreal.

In 2006, "Concert IMAGINE" the Ensemble made a joint Christmas concert with the Montreal Gay Choir under the direction of François Monette accompanied by 22 musicians and having as guest artist Mélanie Renaud at the Très-Saint-Nom-de-Jésus church in Montreal.

Outgames 2006:

EXTRAVAGANZA distinguished itself by organising and participating in the cultural and competetive part of the inaugural World Outgames in Montreal in 2006.