How many times a week do you rehearse?

Rehearsals are every Tuesday in the basement of the Saint-Pierre Apôtre Church (1323 boul René-Lévesque Est), near Beaudry or Papineau station,  from early September to mid-December for the fall session, and from early January to early June for the spring session.

There are special rehearsals outside of this schedule :

  • Music camp, which is a 2-day choir rehearsal weekend
  • As we get closer to our show dates, we sometimes add a couple of rehearsals during the weekends.

What language are rehearsals in?

While our repertoire and chorists are multilingual, rehearsals are in French.

Do I need to know how to sing?

Somewhat. But very few of us are professional singers, and individual singing ability is rarely, if ever, an issue. If anything, your singing ability will improve after joining. Vocal audio tracks from each voice section (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) will be available for each song to facilitate learning.

Do I need to audition?

Yes, but don't worry about it. See question above. Auditions are a way for us to determine what type of voice you have (soprano, alto, tenor or bass), and to get to know you before the session begins.

Is Extravaganza a gay choir?

Extravaganza was born out of the LGBT+ community, and this community is still very much part of our DNA and well represented in the choir. That being said, we have within our ranks people of all ages, all races, all religions, all sexes, all financial backgrounds, and all sexual orientations - and that's what makes Extravaganza so beautiful and unique.

How many sessions are there?

We have a fall session that runs from September to December, and a spring session that runs from January to June.

Do I need to commit to both sessions?

While we'd love to have you for a full year, it's really up to you. There is no obligation to join for a full year, in fact, you'll only pay for one session at a time.

How much does it cost to join?

Choir dues are 165 $ per session. First-timers get a discount on their first session and can cancel anytime within the first three weeks. It's a great way to give us a try and see if we're a good match.

Are there other fees?

Choir fees do not include fees for choir camp (Friday to Sunday), as the cost of this activity can vary from time to time (approx. 165$, food and accomodation included). Chorists are also sometimes asked to follow a dress code for shows or other appearances, which may or may not entail fees depending on your existing wardrobe options.

What if I can't afford joining?

If you can't afford joining Extravaganza for financial reasons, please let us know.